Reinventing yourself post 35..

Gone are the days when post 35 people started feeling old and worthless.  Now times are such that there is no age for reinventing oneself.  The more you reinvent the lesser depressed you are. It keeps happier and productive.

We are blessed to be at an era of social media where there is so much of exposure.  We can learn so much, follow so many things.

Here are few tips of reinventing oneself post 35:

  1.  By the time one is 35, he/she is already at a mid level of their work.  Sometimes it gets monotonous, sometimes tiring.  One can always learn new things.  Join a course which might help you in furthering your career ahead.
  2.  Nowadays many people, specially women who have taken a sabbatical or looking to do something of their own, are interested in becoming entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurship is not as easy as it seems to be.  First of all, be sure to face the hurdles, struggles and disappointments in the early days.  Skill and equip yourself in the area of interest of your entrepreneurship.  Don’t just become an entrepreneur just because others are taking the plunge!
  3. If you are a homemaker, instead of lamenting and self-pitying, renew your skills and hobbies.  Start doing what you always loved to do but didn’t have the time for.  Join a hobby class of your interest.  Learn something new.  Its never too late to learn anything.  Create your own world which is only yours, without husband, kids and extended family.
  4. Take care of your health.  Post 35 energy levels are not the same as in the 20s.  Also health issues do crop up.  Get a regular health checkup.  Take it easy if need be.  Take care of your diet, exercise after consulting with a doctor.
  5. Don’t shy away from learning from the youngsters.  In certain areas nowadays the youngsters are more knowledgeable.  Ask them, talk to them, believe me you will learn a lot!
  6. Get a makeover!  Its not self-obsession, its boosts confidence immensely.  No need to spend loads of money.  A simple wardrobe overhaul, haircut, or change in look will do wonders!
  7. Learn to forget and forgive.  Be more positive.  Learn to let go off few things.  I believe that’s what maturity is all about.  Don’t be the one whom youngsters would find very rigid!  Learn to adapt to changes. Stop sulking over the past and holding grudges.  If you don’t like someone, simply stop interacting or be extremely formal!
  8. Go out, attend events of your liking, meet new people.  I have met so many wonderful people at such events who are doing such awesome and different things.  Its really so motivating.
  9. Start living for yourself too.  Stop bothering about what others think about you.  You can’t please everyone.  This is the phase where you are mature yet not too old!
  10. Spend time with your family.  Your kids are growing up, your spouse is growing older.  Enjoy each day with them.

Ageing is beyond our control, but ageing gracefully and learning everyday is something which is in our control.  So folks, don’t stop reinventing..

Way to go ladies!

Women have always been enterprising and great multitaskers but sometimes due to family restrictions or constraints their talent goes unnoticed.  Also, not women want to come out of their “comfort zone.”

Times are changing though!  In the last few years I have come across unbelievable number of women who are breaking all the barriers and taking risks.  Some women have left their cushy, well-paying corporate jobs to try out new ventures, risk venturing in start-ups.  There are innumerable women who felt suffocated in their monotonous jobs and hence decided to be entrepreneurs.  There are homemakers who want to take risks and do something productive.   Daily I read and come across women who are itching to do something creative, carve a niche for themselves.  These women don’t want to compromise on their children’s upbringing yet want to explore new zones.

Women who as girls had dreams and which remained unfulfilled want to tap their hidden potential.  It is not easy at all, juggling home, kids, and their dreams.

It is big risk and a tough journey.  Any new venture, start-up is a big risk!  It might work, it might not!  It takes loads of patience, perseverance, and a lot of faith in self to keep things going.  Its a struggle of few years and eventually it works!  I have seen so many women start from the scratch and then succeed within a span of few years.

There are women who are working as entrepreneurs, tutors, writers, bloggers, home chefs, travel experts, beauticians, etc., etc.

So, what keeps these strong women going?  Its the desire to follow their passion that keeps the fire within burning.  Its the desire to fulfill their dreams that gives them motivation.  I am myself in a dilemma sometimes whether I should go back to a full-time, decently paying job or keep writing, which is my passion!  I know its not easy to carve a niche so easily!

There are days when I have doubts but the examples of all these wonderful women keep me motivated.

Way to go ladies..