The Warm Embrace

When she first came here, it was like a big big change.  A girl who had grown up and lived in small towns wasn’t sure if she could fit the bill.  It was huge, unnerving, seemingly aloof.  She thought it was would never accept her.  After all, she seemed to be a misfit.

But in just a matter of few months her fears vanished.  She was proven wrong.  The city of dreams had welcomed her with open arms.  Mumbai was her home now.  That girl was me.  Since February 2002 Mumbai is my home.  People call it a ruthless city.  Yes..its a city where there are lots of problems.  It is overpopulated, roads are congested, infrastructure is bad, yet there is “something” about this city which makes people fall in love with it so much that they don’t want to leave it.

I fell in love with Mumbai.  Despite its flaws, this city gave me a freedom that I hadn’t experienced in the safe confines of the small towns.  This city did not judge me.  I could be me, wear what I wished, roam around safely alone at unearthly hours.  Marine Drive, Bandra-Worli Sea link, the sea, the roads, the local trains, the wada pavs, the local lingo, the air are all a part of my system now.  This city gave me an identity.  I learnt how to project myself, how to be bindaas..

Mumbai embraced me in its warm hug.  The city which seemed aloof, vast and scary is the one which is my home now; its like my heartbeat now.

Once just Mumbai city is now an emotion; its aamchi Mumbai, its my love..


As most of the husbands do, my husband also snores! I get fed up sometimes, but as it happens, over the years you learn to share your flaws with your partner! Like all other wives, I also complain, “His snores disturb my sleep!”
Last week, one night when I woke up to drink water I realized that my husband was sleeping very quietly, so very unlike of him! Rather than being happy, I panicked. Of late, my husband has been under a lot of stress, he has crossed 45. I quickly nudged him slightly and he started snoring happily again.
I smiled to myself and slept peacefully. His snores felt like music, they didn’t disturb me!

A world without girls

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How would the country and world be if there were no girls?

Could the existence of us be there if not for those girls?

No mothers, sisters, wives, aunts, friends, strong women around

Would the world be so much fun if all the chatter wasn’t around?

Everybody wants their progeny to grow

Without the girls it would not happen, let me tell you if you didn’t know!

Its high time the country and world should honor the existence of a daughter

How I wish some heartless would stop their slaughter

Should the daughters cease to take birth?

That would definitely mean slow death of this beautiful earth.



Thanks my kids’ humble school

Sometimes we don’t realize what we have until we see others struggling to have it!
Today I would like to thank the humble, flawed, not-so-big-name school of my children. When I see the so-called big schools charging exorbitant fees, charging money for any and everything, toddlers being interviewed and rejected; I cherish my kids’ school much more. This is the school where my son studied from KG 2 and finished his 10th last year. This is the school where my daughter has been studying since nursery. The school doesn’t have a huge pool, a big playground, fancy library, AC classrooms, but here’s where my kids have learnt life skills. My son has learnt teamwork and football skills in the small playground, my daughter is learning the ropes of athletics and football in the same ground. The ground is not fancy but the sports teachers who are doing a commendable job. I agree that there are flaws, heavy bags, some inefficient teachers too, but at least I as a parent can go and talk to the teachers! The flaws are partly because of our education system too! There are some awesome teachers from whom my kids have learnt a lot.
My son every single day misses his school now that he is in college. Both my kids never wanted to change this school for a “better” school. Most of the teachers, maushis, principal, staff know them since they were toddlers and hence its more like their second home.
On days I have felt my kids should have been in a better school, but after looking at the current state of many parents of toddlers who are in distress because of school admissions and the money, I am happy that my kids are a part of this school, which has given them many happy moments and a good foundation.

Hang in there!

Whenever I see mom of babies and toddlers going through a harrowing stage of their kids and ask, “Has anybody else gone through the same?”; I feeling like telling them, “Parenting ek aag ka dariya hai doob ke jaana hai”.” The kids of mine that you see smiling and standing tall today were the ones who puked, made me stay awake all night, refused to eat sometimes, wrote mirror images, got multiplication tables all wrong, and so on!
I have actually no advice for them as frankly now I don’t even remember how I handled the kids in those situations. All I can say is “Yes we all go through the same. Raising children is not easy new mommy. Hang in there and have loads of patience!”

No one can repay their parents’ debt

Since yesterday the video clip of a Bengali bride refusing to do the kanakanjali (ritual of throwing the rice backwards to repay the parents’ debt) has gone viral. She very bluntly said, “No one can repay the parents’ debt.” Also, in the same video some lady said, “Come again”. She very casually said, “Of course, its my home. I will come whenever I wish to.” The girl went smiling, she wasn’t crying. I really loved the gutsy bride. The best thing was none of the nosy relatives or people could say anything to her, at least on her face. That’s how the girls should be!

I liked it! Even I didn’t do Kanakanjali after my wedding. This was eons ago. What does one mean by repaying a parent’s debt?? Also, I went smiling with my husband and didn’t cry during “bidai”. Why do generally brides cry during Bidai during Indian weddings? Because in most cases the girl loses the freedom to visit her parents as and when she wishes, the parents lose their “right” over her and so on! I was smiling because I was happy to start a new life and till this day have the “right” to visit my parents as and when I wish to!

May be I was fortunate. But I strongly believe the girls should be raised strong and gutsy as that Bengali bride who refused to give in to the age-old rituals which should be defunct by now. Log to waise bhi bolte hai hain!

A daughter will always remain a daughter for her parents and the relation and rights shouldn’t change with marriage.

Learn to enjoy that moment

This year it has been quite cold in Mumbai, as per Mumbai standards!  I am quite enjoying it, so is my family.  But heard people complaining, “When will this chill go?”  Well..they are the same people who complain during summers “Can’t tolerate this humid weather anymore!”

We humans are strange, aren’t we?  Most of us don’t actually cherish and soak the moment that we are in.  When the kids are babies, parents wait for them to be toddlers, when they become toddlers, they wait for them to be independent and grown up, when they grow up and become independent, the parents don’t wish them to leave the nest and wish they were still babies!

A student wants a good career, then a good job, then a better job, then some more money, more goes on and on!  When a person has all this, he yearns for peace!  How many of us really enjoy that particular phase or moment without any complaints?

Let’s learn to take each day, each moment, each phase as it comes. is a cocktail of good times and trying and testing times; so when there is winter don’t wait for the summer..enjoy the winter; summer will follow soon!