Respect God and women both!

Why am I not surprised by the disgusting incident in Bhuj college where girls where asked to remove their underwear to show that they are not menstruating? I have seen the discrimination and how many so-called educated women get offended whenever I have tried to reason menstruation with biology. I have personally gone to temples, touched pickles, do housework, touch everyone around me and no one is harmed! Religion is taken more seriously than the dignity of women in our country. What makes one think that menstruation renders girls/women impure, even in 2020!! It’s a simple biological process. Gone are the times long, long back when these rules were made to give women rest. Rules have been bent, women humiliated, and this was just unbelievably cruel and disgusting.

But I know nothing’s going to change if women themselves don’t respect their own clan and stop being scared of God, rather respect God and girls/women both.

The dormant child within..

The other day my daughter and her friends were playing football in the vicinity.  My daughter said a gentleman stopped by and taught them some moves and gave tips about playing football.  My daughter said, “It seems uncle used to play football at some point.”

Doesn’t it so happen that the talent or passion we had as a child or as a teenager takes a backseat when we are forced to face the worldly realities?  Someone was a talented singer, someone a gifted painter, someone an avid athlete/sportsperson, but career and later family responsibilities buried these talents somewhere deep within.

Few are fortunate enough to pursue their profession and passion both, but in most cases the talent or passion takes a backseat.  Some days that hidden desire tries to come out and just as the gentleman showed the football moves we all show that spark again.

We all have the inner child within us who once was passionate about the talent and worked hard towards it, but as an adult most of us buried that passion deep within.  I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen with our children.  I hope they are able to balance their profession and passion well and who knows some might be fortunate enough to pursue their passion as profession!

Never let your inner child be dormant..

Accepting and forgiving myself

It seems that the decade just went by, but is it so?  A decade means 10 years and 10 years is a long span.  When I look back, I realize that I have indeed changed, not a lot, but quite a bit.

In 2010, there I was handling 2 small kids, trying to balance it with my work from home profile.  I believe I took parenting a bit too seriously back then, as it was in the back of my mind that I was responsible for shaping my children as individuals.  I was too worked up with everything.

Last decade I had started writing again.  I remember I used to write as a kid but with time and responsibilities writing had taken a backseat.  Writing simply started with me sharing my parenting stories and experiences in various platforms.  Soon, I began to blog about it more seriously.  Yes..I could have been more aggressive and marketed myself better but for me blogging is more of sharing my experiences than gaining any kind of stardom or winning awards.

Also, the last decade taught me how people can be fake and selfish.  There are many women/writers who claimed to be my friends or wanted my help and once they were done with it they wouldn’t even bother to acknowledge or keep in touch.  I have now become more wary of term “friendship” and “sisterhood” as I have seen these terms being used very loosely.

Present day, I am a 40 plus woman who is much calmer, much wiser, a little less accepting.  I have stopped trying to fit in.  I am happier with my family, my genuine friends and appreciators.  My son is now on the verge of adulthood and my daughter on the verge of being a teenager.  I have raised them well and that gives me immense satisfaction.  The last 10 years took a lot of hard work in raising them, shaping them and I today I can relax now that they are good individuals.

We learn with experience, with time, and sometimes we women are too hard on ourselves.  The decade that went by taught me to be more accepting of myself and forgive myself for the mistakes that I did, unknowingly.

So, I tell myself and every other woman out there. “Forgive yourself for what you didn’t know”.

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Teenagers are not selfish..

Who says teenagers are selfish?
Today my son got a call from his friend that his family is in a financial crisis and that he needs money urgently for his mother’s diabetes medicines. Within a matter of few hours, all the friends pitched in and contributed whatever they could. Some of these guys have their own set of problems, irrespective of that they are trying to help their friend.
These guys are friends from the time they were toddlers and unfortunately many of them are facing hard times, some having parental issues, some financial. These bunch of friends are trying to help each other in whatever capacity they can, either by hearing them out, by trying to contribute financially, by giving words of encouragement, or simply being there.
I am so happy that my son has such wonderful set of friends and I pray they stay like this forever. I don’t like these kids going through tough times as I have seen them grow up and being their happy self. I truly wish all kids are happy though we all know eventually struggle and challenging times are a part of life.
With such good friends, these guys will definitely sail through these times..

Raising teens versus toddlers

Read somewhere “It is more difficult to raise teens than toddlers.”

Well..kind of agree and disagree to it. Both stages have their own set of challenges. By the time our kids are teens or tweens, we tend to forget the challenges that we faced with them when they were toddlers. The major difference is that by the time the kids are pre-teens and teens they are able to voice their opinions more, they are their own individuals by then who can clearly convey their likes and dislikes and have developed a personality. There is a generational clash at times too. The best way to handle this stage, like any other stage, is communication and tweaking the parenting style. What worked with them as toddlers won’t work with them when they are teenagers. As a parent, step back and look back at your own mistakes and rectify them. Nurture this phase with care too as it is as delicate as the toddler stage where the mind of the child is still developing albeit a little differently. I learnt from my mistakes, so do all parents. There is no rule book as each child is different, even siblings are different.

The only thing that remains constant is the parents praying for more patience and the “phase” to pass, be it while raising toddlers or raising teens 😃

Be Real!

Saw an ad somewhere where it was shown what would happen if mothers vanished from the earth. As expected, it was shown that the children and husband couldn’t operate the washing machine, had difficulty washing utensils, couldn’t cook meals, didn’t know whom and when to pay bills and so on. Then the realization dawned that mothers are so important.
This is not funny. In a home, everyone should know the household work. It’s not the mother’s onus alone to manage everything. Her importance in life should not be equated to what housework she does or what she cooks, she is important no matter what! I remember I went leaving my kids and husband behind to tend to my sick parents and they managed everything well. I didn’t call every hour to check on them as I knew that they could manage. I go out for my events and outings and they do manage. Even if I die tomorrow, they will manage.
Don’t put the mother on a pedestal and expect her to do all the housework and her sacrificing all the time. Your children should know housework, the husband should pitch in. It’s an unit after all and no such ads or stories are not heart-touching or funny..

In search of peace..

Is no one genuinely happy or content? What others might be envious of makes others unhappy. Today read of women who were bored and unhappy staying abroad despite having a cushy life and yearned to be back in India, a very well-off professional getting bugged with her pay and job despite doing well. These are just 2 examples. Where do we find happiness or what makes us happy? I believe we tend to understand the meaning of satisfaction, happiness and contentment once we start getting older and experience and understand the realities of life a little better. Yes..we all are humans but somewhere we need to find that peace within ourselves..