Red Rose versus Text

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Nishant was constantly smiling while his hands went berserk typing messages on his mobile.  Nishant’s mom Kalpana was watching this for almost half an hour now.  She couldn’t control herself any longer and asked Nishant, “What’s going on sonny boy?  I see you happier than usual today.  Any girl on the other side?”  Nishant, all of 17, didn’t reply.  Kalpana kept mumbling to herself, “This gadget generation!  Won’t even bother to reply parents.”

Ten minutes later Nishant came and hugged his mom.  “What’s the matter?  What do you want?”  Nishant asked his mom, “Mom did you have any boyfriend when you were my age?  How did he propose to you?”  For a moment, Kalpana was taken aback.  She was very free with her son and discussed any and everything with him, but she didn’t expect this question from him out of nowhere!  “Tell me na mom.”

Kalpana smiled and said, “You know how conservative my parents were.  Forget having a boyfriend, I wasn’t even allowed to talk to boys.”  Nishant sighed, “How sad, nahin?”

Kalpana’s mind flew back to the yore.  She remembered how she had a crush on her elder brother’s friend, Mohit.  She used to be very scared of her parents and never dared to talk to him, but her 16-year-old mind would always think about him.  Once her brother had borrowed a story book from her.  “Who wants to read it bhaiya?” she had asked. “Mohit wants to read it.”  Her heart had skipped a beat.  Ten days later her brother returned her the book.  She took the book from the table and when she was about to place it on the shelf, something fell from the book.  She saw a piece of paper on the floor.  She picked it up and when she opened it she saw a red rose inside it.  A line was written on the paper. “A red rose for a beautiful girl..Mohit”.

She couldn’t believe her eyes.  Did her crush feel the same way as she felt for him?  She was elated, excited, couldn’t sleep that night.  But her excitement was short-lived.  Mohit went abroad for further studies and by the time she turned 20 her parents got her married off.  With responsibilities and a good married life, she had forgotten all about her crush.  But today her son’s question revived those sweet old memories.

She went to Nishant and asked him, “Tell me do you have a girlfriend?”  Nishant said, “Mom you won’t believe, Shreya, my classmate on whom I have a crush, texted me today saying that she finds me cute.  I am planning to ask her out for coffee, shall I?”

Kalpana smiled and thought, “Nothing has changed, only I couldn’t talk about my crush with anyone whereas my son can!”  Red rose has changed to a text now..


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मेरे बच्चे अब बड़े हो गए

मेरे बच्चे अब बड़े हो गए
रोज़ सुबह दोनों को साथ में उठाना पड़ता
दोनों को दूध पीने के लिए मनाना पड़ता
साथ साथ तैयार करवाना पड़ता
एक साथ रवाना करना पड़ता
आज वो दिन चले गए
मेरे बच्चे अब बड़े हो गए
दोनों स्कूल से लड़ते झगडते लौटते
एक दूसरे को काटते पीटते
दोनों का होता रोना धोना
मुश्किल हो जाता उनको समझाना
आज वो झगड़े काफी काम हो गए
मेरे बच्चे अब बड़े हो गए
दोनों साथ बैठकर कार्टून देखते
कभी छोटी छोटी गाड़ियों संग खेलते
कभी सारे घर को उल्टा पुल्टा कर देते
घर को पूरा गन्दा कर देते
आज सारे उत्पात थम गए
मेरे बच्चे अब बड़े हो गए
समय की गति बड़ी तेज़ी से चलती है
बहुत जल्द अपना लिबास बदलती है
छोटे छोटे बच्चे बड़ी जल्दी बड़े हो जाते हैं
कहाँ हम वक़्त को थाम पाते हैं
जो कभी घुटनो तक थे आज आसमान तक पहुँच गए
मेरे बच्चे अब बड़े हो गए

Happy New Year!

So, another year begins today.  No, there’s nothing new today.  The sun rose in the East as usual, the birds chirped as usual, everything is as it was yesterday.  I see people commenting sarcastically as to why so much of hype over this “New Year thing?”

I will tell you why..

When a year begins, no one knows what twist and turns it will bring.  For some people, the year might simply go as a “normal” one but for some others it might not.  It just takes a second for the life to change; for both good and bad.  If the change is for good, nothing like it but God forbid if the change is devastating then what?

Let’s cherish each day and moment that we can still see, touch and talk to our loved ones; that we can still use our body properly; that we can still be fussy over food; that we can still laugh/smile.

People celebrate because that one year went by well; ask them who didn’t have a good year.  I have seen people losing loved ones, people inflicted by a grave disease, people who have had really upsetting days and moments.  As humans, we also will go through these unfortunate days..some day or the other.

So, let’s celebrate another year and not try to dissect every celebration.  Let’s with all the happiness and joy wish everyone a very “Happy New Year.”

You never know when your dreams can come true!

As a child, like most middle-class Indian couples, my parents and my siblings used to go for a mandatory summer vacation every year.  Most of the times it was at my Nani’s place in Kolkata, but occasionally when my father used to get LTC we ventured out in other places.

We visited few places in India over the years, but somewhere I had a deep desire to visit Shimla in Himachal Pradesh.  Every year I would suggest my parents to take a vacation to Shimla, but for some reason or the other it never happened.  Soon, we grew up and those vacations became less.

Years later, I got married to a Bengali man, who like me was born and brought up outside Bengal.  I spent most of my life in Gujarat and he was born and brought up in Himachal Pradesh.  Post marriage we were in Mumbai.  Back then, my husband worked with a PSU Bank and two years later got a promotion.  As per the rules, he had to go for a rural posting.  Since he was considered to be a Himachal domicile, he got his rural posting in Dharamsala.

It was like a dream for me!  All I wanted was to visit Shimla for a vacation as a child and here I was going to spend some years in Himachal!  Soon, we landed in the beautiful Dharamsala.  We bought our first car there.  Since my husband is passionate about driving and knew Himachal inside out, we went to a lot of places in Himachal just like that!  We would simply take off in the evenings or on holidays with our then 2-year-old son.  My husband took me to the interiors of Himachal where there was untouched and mesmerizing beauty.  Soon my husband got transferred to Mandi and we visited Kullu Manali often.  I still remember how we impulsively went to Rohtang Pass and that’s when I cherished my first snowfall.

My childhood dream was only to visit Shimla and here I got married to a man with whom I had some beautiful memories of Himachal Pradesh.  Himachal still is close to my heart and we took a road trip from Mumbai to Himachal with our children three years ago.

Dreams can come true; you simply don’t know when and how!  So, never give up, keep dreaming!

The “Young” 40 plus women

This month I attended two parties, exclusively for women. The women were all dressed up with nicely made-up faces, shimmery gowns, LBDs (little black dresses), high heels, and bubbling with enthusiasm and energy. They rocked the dance floor showing their awesome moves, whistling, singing, and having a blast!
The common thing in both the parties was that the majority of the women were 40 plus with grown-up children, like ours! They didn’t care how their slightly out of shape bodies were looking in those gowns or LBDs (who doesn’t want to look like Malaika Arora or Shilpa Shetty!🤪), they proudly wore their red lipsticks and heavy eye makeup not bothering about the slightly wrinkled skin. They danced with their knee pains and other issues. They didn’t care how the DJ or the waiters or even the other guests would react!
Women at this stage of their life are beyond all those judgmental looks and are filled with confidence. Gone are the days when a 40+ woman was supposed to look or behave in a certain manner. Today that woman is more confident than what she was in her 20s or 30s. She is at a stage where her children are more like her friends, where she doesn’t care about what others think, where she starts loving and accepting herself better.
Cheers to the “young” 40+ women!



Yesterday my daughter and her friends were listening to English music and trying to pick up an English song by an American artist. Just then the friend’s dad entered and said that they shouldn’t be listening to English songs and should be connected with their roots.

That made me ponder that isn’t this wrong in some way? The world is getting smaller and the kids are exposed to various things. Even in India the kids have friends who are from different backgrounds, cultures, religions, and they cohabit with each other very well; without forgetting their own culture or mother tongue. Listening to music from any other part of the world won’t affect their own culture.

Thodi flexibility to chahiye na!