Awareness about inclusion

My daughter’s computer teacher was teaching them how to create admission forms. When she was making boxes for genders, the teacher created male and female gender boxes. My daughter asked the teacher, “Miss, where is the box to tick for “others”?” The teacher smiled and created that box.
I was happy that this generation is realizing the importance of respecting everyone and aware of their existence and identity. This is something I never discussed with my daughter as such though we have talked about it, but this was her own observation. Felt good 🙂

Respecting choices and people

Yesterday’s Zomato incident over religion wasn’t quite shocking. As non-vegetarians raised among strict vegetarians, i have seen this kind of discriminatory behavior a lot of times. People refuse to sit on the same table as us, refuse to eat even dried snacks at our home, kids at school make faces if any kid brings non-veg stuff and tease him/her. This kind of behavior over caste, religion, food is ingrained in our society. Respecting the person, his/her beliefs is something which should be the norm but sadly it isn’t. Practice what you want to but not by demeaning others and their choice.

Let their passion be their job

It’s fun talking to teenagers.

Yesterday I met my son’s friend after a long time. He is a jovial chap who is very free with me. We started discussing about career and future plans. He said, “Aunty, I want to do something creative. I can’t imagine myself doing a desk job. I have plans to open a cafe where I can fulfill my passion of cooking and my cafe will also have live band playing music. You know na music is my another passion. Of course, I know I need to work first to save money to fulfill this dream of mine.”

I simply smiled and prayed that his dream come true some day. As youngsters, we have so many aspirations and dreams, sometimes they are fulfilled, sometimes they aren’t. Hope our kids enjoy what they do. Let their passion be their job.

Feelings aren’t gender specific..

When I was expecting my daughter, my son was 4 years old. My husband those days was extremely busy with his work and it was me and my sonny boy most of the time. We had involved him from day 1 of my pregnancy. He would hold my hands when I would walk with him on uneven roads or in rainy season. He was only 4, but he was confident that he wouldn’t let me fall. He would come back from school, eat, watch TV for a while or play on his own while I rested, especially during the last trimester. He would accompany me for the regular check-ups, get excited when he heard the Doppler. He was extremely happy when his sister was born and even then took great care.

My son is almost 17 now, but he is still the same..Empathy, love, care, compassion aren’t gender specific.

Role Model

My son learns drums from a young guy from Manipur. He must be around 27 years old and has been teaching drums since the past 8-9 years, means started out pretty young. He attended college, learnt drums himself and started teaching drums to others. At the same time, he goes for trekking, performs at gigs, has dreams of expanding his studio, and so on. My son loves to interact with him, not just as a mentor but as a young man with varied interests and dreams.
There are various good role models for children around us. My son has common friends who at this tender age have started smoking and wasting money. At the same time, there are young people like this drum teacher or my son’s friend who teaches dance and pays his tuition fees. Whom you interact with or get inspired by is totally your prerogative. This holds true throughout the life..

Raising influence-free children!

You can stop your child from watching TV or mobile for bad influence in terms of manners or language, how will the child be protected from badly-behaved elders in and outside the house? They influence much more. Elders who fight, who don’t say sorry, who insult, who rebuke, who use foul language, who yell and shout, who honk unnecessarily, who treat helpers badly, who break the queue, who don’t believe in gender equality, who spit and throw garbage anywhere, the list is endless..

Of course, ultimately the onus to raise “influence-free” kids comes on the parents! 😀

The inevitable transition

My son and his group of friends have studied in the same school from nursery till 10th. Everyday I used to hear about their conversations, their pranks, their masti, the fun they had in school from my son. The boys used to come to my house and I always loved their free and frank conversation and laughter. Now all being in different colleges and in 12th, they meet once in a while. One of the boy’s family is going through financial issues and the boy now takes dance classes and pays his tuition fees. His parents insist that he study harder as he has only education to fall back on in the tough times.
It made me ponder. Isn’t life just like that? Eventually the carefree life and laughter is somewhere replaced by responsibilities and realities of life. This transition is inevitable. Maturity eventually sets in and transforms the kids into worldly wise adults, sooner or later.