Meaning of true friendship


Few of my son’s friends are going through personal and financial crisis. These boys have studied with my son since nursery. I have always seen them laughing, hanging out together, playing, doing masti. Today my son was worried about his friends who are going through crisis and he and his friends are standing by them as rock solid support. They cannot support much in terms of money but they are try to pitch in during outings and have told them clearly “This is not charity, this is friendship.”

Who says teenagers are selfish and only are friends with benefits or only party together? It is the adults these days I see who don’t know the real meaning of friendship many a times. These boys on the verge of adulthood are realizing the hardships of life and trying to help their friends by morally and emotionally supporting them. Hope they remain like this always!

Really proud of these boys!

Dikhawe par mat jao..

I had been looking for Maths and Accounts classes for my son now that he is in 12th. Didn’t want a class which would be too far as my son has to travel to Churchgate for his college as such. Also, he has to give time for rest of his subjects which he will study on his own. Talked to a lot of people, ultimately got reference from my son’s friend who goes to the same class. I went to meet the teacher with my son and saw that her home was in an old building. The lady welcomed us to her small cozy home. I got an instant vibe that this lady would be a nice teacher.
Some instincts do work well. As my son says, there are only 3-4 students in the batch and the teacher is good, no-nonsense lady and teaches very well. Compared to other group tuition classes her fees is also reasonable.
Moral of the story: Dikhawe par mat jao, apni akal lagao 😀
PS: Nothing against any other teacher or class, just my own experience. Even in 10th my son studied in half the price as his peers and did well.

Motivation and comparison are different..

We all want our kids to do well in life, but many parents don’t realize the difference between motivation and comparison. Yesterday I read sad posts where the kids scored more than 90% yet their parents compared them with other kids. The kids studied without expensive tuition so as to not pressurize their parents, studied hard on their own to the best of their capability yet the parents were disappointed in them. To motivate kids, do we need to compare them? There are loads of options to study these days. Just the other day I met a girl who is studying beauty and wellness in Symbiosis Pune.
Parents don’t like when kids compare them with other parents, so why do the parents have to compare their kids with other kids? No matter what, love your children the way they are, love their capabilities, love them for being your children.

Born with a destiny

Today somewhere I read a post about kids being raised in a bubble, bubble of luxury and away from hardships of life. I see many parents comparing their life as kids to their own children’s life and how it has changed and how our kids’ life has become more comfortable. Yes..times have changed. But I feel kids do adjust as and when required. It’s not their fault that they are not raised amidst poverty or hardships. But when times come they can do everything. My son travels by BEST buses and local trains daily. He relishes street food with his friends as all friends have limited money. My kids can relish food in a 5-star restaurant as well is in a roadside dhaba. We can simply introduce all these to them without being preachy or without comparing,

Every person on this planet is born with his/her destiny..

Don’t wear the superwoman cape all the time!

Why do women want to be in superwomen mode even when they are low or unwell? It’s okay to take rest, to prioritize yourself. If you are unwell or having PMS or in general feeling low, tell your family about it instead of keeping silent and trying to smile and act brave. A woman is as human as a man or a child! We do not need any medals or validation to prove that we are great multitaskers or superwomen!
Your family should be a part of the household chores everyday so that one fine day when you are unwell they don’t feel lost. Your family should be sensitive towards your health, both physical and emotional.
When women keep on doing this for years they start getting bitter, feeling neglected, feeling betrayed. So, the next time you are tired or unwell or PMSing your family should be aware and should be there for you.

Raise both genders well

Excess of anything is bad! Generations didn’t teach their sons to share household work, cooking or being compassionate, it seems the entire onus is now on our generation moms. Open FB and everyday I read “Teach your sons this, teach them that!” I totally agree and have made best efforts to make my son a humble, compassionate, helpful guy who knows household chores and cooking!
But have you seen the girls these days?😃 Gone are the days when daughters were raised submissive and subservient. I can give a totally unbiased opinion and experience being the mom of both the genders. Sometimes in trying to be gender equal, I tend to be harder on my son!
Let’s focus more on “Teach your kids this and that”! Aisa na ho that 20 years down the line our children as parents get to read “Teach your daughters this and that!”
Raise both genders well..

Savor the moment

Lately, seen a lot of posts where young moms are unhappy and have feeling of worthlessness after having a baby and quitting their jobs.  Again, there is another set of women who feel guilty leaving their babies behind and going to work.  There are people who are unhappy being in a small town.  Then there are disgruntled people who want to get away from the busy city life.

Human nature is such.  We are never content with what we have.  We look at others and yearn for what they have, not knowing about their battles or difficulties.  Once we make a choice let’s be happy with it.  Savor each moment, life life to the fullest.  You never know what turn life might take the very next moment.

Each one of us has our share of hardships and small battles to fight.  The grass is always greener on the other side.  One has to find happiness in life, enjoy each day with the loved ones and be thankful for it.  Many might want to be in our shoes..