Gully Boy–Bahot hard hai bhai!


Everyone has the right to dream! The socially and economically challenged, girls, people from every caste and creed! Its not easy to break the stereotypes, the age-old shackles and mindset, but “daring hona chahiye!” Often we are the victims of our own mindset and inhibitions. Time to break it! The youth can do that!

Take a bow Ranveer Singh and Aalia Bhatt! You guys can mold into any character. The ensemble cast has also really performed well. For people who don’t understand Mumbaiya lingo or rap culture, it might be a letdown but the movie is more than that! Zoya Akhtar took a risk in making a film of completely different genre and she has done a good job. For someone who has lived a privileged life to get into the life of Dharavi is not easy.

Let’s appreciate the filmmakers and the actors for trying to do something different. Achche filmon ka time aa gaya! Bahot hard hai bhai!

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