Real happiness..

When 2020 began never had we imagined that within 2 months the world would see such a bad time. Each one of us might have planned so many things, procrastinated so many times. My son had so many plans with his friends after his board exams. My daughter wanted to rest after her exams and excited about her new session. I had planned to meet my friends post all the exam mania! But now..everything has come to a standstill. Wish people now realize that good health, shelter, food and family love and bonding gives happiness. Of course, money also does! But in these times, not eating out, not watching movies, not going for holidays, not buying that new car all seem so trivial. Our kids have also been exposed to the reality of life. Happiness is living without fear, without panic, without uncertainty.
Praying the world to be happy once again!

Childhood scars..

Whenever I feel low or have the question “Why me”, I read up the stories of Being Social or Humans or Bombay and I realize that there are so many brave people out there who despite their struggles have not given up or have emerged as true winners.
But one thing common in most stories is childhood struggle; mostly financial but the most common ones are childhood bullying. As kids most of them have been ridiculed for their looks, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, financial background, caste, sexual orientation, and such. Childhood emotional scars are for life. They take a lot of time to heal but still somewhere deep inside those hurtful words, those sarcastic statements, the alienation in school and college haunt. When we are adults somewhere we become thick skinned but as kids we are vulnerable. Wish people be more mindful about the way they behave with children. You might jokingly call the child, “Fat”, “Dark”, “Ugly”, “Short”, “Slow”, “Stupid”, etc., but for that child those words are not jokes, they are the scars for life..

Work from home:Easy??

Might be now many people would realize how difficult work from home actually is! I have been working from home since the time my son was 9 months old. I have worked from home in those times when only television or some toys would keep my son engaged. I have worked with 2 little kids running around, sometimes unwell, sometimes fighting. Attending to the daily chores, children, mails, etc., etc., and have done that all! People believe work from home is easy but actually its the toughest thing to do. You are working without colleagues, the office ambiance, plus managing the home simultaneously. Don’t underestimate anything, you never know when you have to do it! 😃

Waiting for Happy Women’s Day..

Let’s strive to make this day really a “Happy Women’s Day”. How many women are really happy? From being in the womb till death, she has to fight for her right to live, her identity, has to fight for her respect, her right to choose career, partner, live the way she wants to. Till the time she is raped, burnt, beaten, ill-treated, subjugated, no festival or day celebrating her will mean anything.

Our generation of parents can make the change by raising both the genders equally, giving both the genders equal opportunities, celebrating their birth, celebrating their successes and helping them cope with failures. I am doing my bit, but this has to be in every family.

The day my daughter and every daughter goes out at midnight without fear, without having to worry about her being molested or mansplained, not judged for her dress or habits, not just being asked about her marriage and not ambitions, will we be really celebrating this day in the true essence.

I am just an ordinary woman with extraordinary power within..

Picture this..

Someone with headphones, doing medical transcription files, making her toddler practice alphabets, keeping a count of whistles of the cooker, responding to a mail by relative, answering the doorbell and again coming back and doing her work, getting up again and attending to the second child (infant) who just woke up, and still being sane!!

Yup..that was me, not now, few years ago, but yes humanly it was possible for me to multitask without losing my sanity.  This is not just me..this is the story of almost all women out there.

I am a woman who can sing Robindro songeet and hum a Coldplay song with equal ease.  I can carry off the old values imparted by my parents and pass it on them to my children albeit tweaking the values a little, being more liberal and more friendly.  I am a woman who can whip up a meal of daal chawal and try out spaghetti bolognese with equal panache.  I am someone who can attend to ailing parents and brace my child’s board exams with equal poise and calm.  I am someone who can attend a blogger’s meet soaking in the lovely words and interactions and being playful with my kids’ friends without try hard!  I am someone who jumps into trying out new things, new profession without bothering that now I am 40 plus.

I am the woman who is feminist yet not a male basher.  I am a feminist who has brought up a strong son and daughter, imparting same values, with no discrimination.  I am someone who doesn’t think twice before writing about women’s issues or trying to bring in a change by teaching my daughter that menstruation is not impure or asking my son to help me deal with my PMS.  I am the wife who is a friend and a support to her husband, a daughter who can bring smile to her ageing parents’ face, a sister who can comfort her siblings on a call or WhatsApp message.  I am a friend who is always there to hear my friends out.  I am that woman who is unapologetic about wearing that red lipstick or taking out me time.

This is me..a woman who is face of the changing scenario of the world.  I am a woman who is balancing and multitasking not just work but relations, generations, values.  I am that woman who is mending the fences between Doordarshan and Instagram.

No, I am not a superwoman; I am just an ordinary woman with extraordinary power within.

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Raising kind children

With experience you realize that the best gifts you can give your children are values of kindness, compassion and confidence. I feel happy that my kids never bullied any other children, they have stood up for their friends who didn’t have the courage to sand up for themselves. It makes me happy when my kids offer their seats to an elderly, help in carrying bags of others, and I am equally happy when they have the confidence for standing up for themselves when they are wronged. It didn’t happen overnight. It took years, it took efforts and implementing the values as parents. It’s imperative to raise kind children, as we can see lot of unkind grown-ups around!

No respect for women

Since yesterday we have been reading how an obnoxious man remarked that women who cook during menstruation will be born as bitches in the next birth. I told both my kids about this and they both remarked “What? Seriously?”
Seriously, this kind of people do have followers who will blindly follow whatever he says. Menstruation as such is a big, big taboo in our country and women are disrespected during menstruation and for menstruating. Why? It’s not just men, even women themselves do the same.
A simple biological process can cause so much anguish and disrespect. First Bhuj college incident and now this in quick succession. Pity!